Thursday, November 19, 2015

Battle of Abu Klea: Part II from "Beyond the Reach of Empire"

I spent this morning reading Chapters Eight and Nine in "Beyond the Reach of Empire" by Colonel Mike Snook.  They were about the beginning and middle of the Battle of Abu Klea - January 14-16, 1885.  The British relief column is getting ready to meet the Ansar defenders at Abu Klea.  The Camel Corps goal is the Jakdul Wells some four miles distant.  General Stewart elected to meet the Dervishers in the open after the Madhists were failed into being goaded to charge the British forces behind their entrenchments.  Chapter Nine stopped with the British square being strung out and a group of Ansar infantry attacking the gap.

So far, a good read.  I'm at page 264.  It's taken me a while to read this book.  I'll have a formal review when I get done reading it in several months.  The books is over 510 pages long... 

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