Thursday, November 26, 2015

Late November/December 2015 reading....

This month saw me make book purchases.  Gifts for others and presents for myself.  I picked up two Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher.  He's an urban fantasy writer who has a wizard character named Harry Dresden working in Chicago as the only mage in the phone book.  People have recommended Butcher's writing.  He's also produced some steampunk novels, too.

Other authors I picked up were Kim Stanley Robinson and Sandy Mitchell.  Kim Stanley Robinson is a writer from the UK who won the British Sci-Fi Writers Award for his Mars trilogy.  I bought Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars.  I also heard interesting things about him.  Most of his writing is hard sci-fi.  I also bought "Hero of the Imperium" by Sandy Mitchell.  It's a compilation of his earlier Ciphas Cain stories.  I read "The Emperor's Finest" and liked it.  I'm hoping the first are as entertaining as his last novel.

Right now, I'm reading Ben Bova's Orion and King Arthur.  Bova is an excellent author.  It's been easy for me to read his works.  The story flows along without effort.  I believe that's a lost art among today's writers.  It's something that comes with years of practice and toil.  And some people are gifted storytellers.  Ben Bova is one of them.  I used to say that about Greg Bear, too.  But I've been disappointed in the two Greg Bear novels I've read in the past 16 months.  I didn't like the way Wardogs fell apart the last third of the story.  I put all this trouble reading his book and the floor fell out under me.  That hasn't happened with Orion and King Arthur.  I'll have a review posted when I'm done with the novel.

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