Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oddball 19th Century Wargaming...

I've fallen into oddball 19th century wargaming by accident this year.  I bought figures from Sapper Joe.  He had 28mm Spanish American War US troops and 28mm RAFM 1885 Canadian infantry.  I added on 28mm Spanish American War Spanish and 28mm RAFM Metis trappers and 28mm Plains Indians for Cree allies.

Here's where things get weird.  I'd originally thought about doing Russo-Turkish War or 1877.  My friend, Lance Western, didn't want to bother with it.  Neither did Don Cox.  So I shelved it.  Then Sapper Joe tells me he's getting rid of his 28mm figures.  I look at the list.  28mm SAW figures.  28mm Riel Rebellion figures.   So I find out has rules for the 1885 Riel Rebellion and The Sword in Mexico.  But no rules for the Spanish American War.

So what do I do?  I write a variant called Yellow Journalism:  The Spanish American War, 1898.  I also get a bunch of Weird WWII miniatures/Pulp miniatures from Joe (along with a bunch of 28mm Napoleonics from Foundry).  I try selling the 28mm Napoleonics.  No one wants them.  So I send them off to a friend named "Ramming Joe" Isenberg, who plays 28mm Napoleonics while running a Call of Cthulhu campaign (because of that, I love Isenberg, he's great).  He appreciated the figures.  And I solved the problem of getting rid of them.    

In another wheeling deal, I trade my extra 28mm Riel Rebellion figures I got from Sapper Joe and Don Cox to a Canadian gentleman for some 28mm Mexican Adventure French Foreign Legion figures.  Now, I have figures for the Maximillian Adventure.  I look around for rules.  I came up with The Sword in Mexico and The Wooden Hand of Captain Anjou.  Looks like I'll be saving for Foundry figures to game Camerone 1863, ugh.  What have I done?

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  1. Sounds like some real wheelin' and dealin' for sure Blake!
    Looking forward to seeing these new periods and figs on a tabletop near you (and hopefully us too).