Tuesday, December 1, 2015

2015, where has this year gone???

I look back to 2015.  And I wonder, where has this year gone???

Last year, I was looking at my father's impending death.  Now, most of the issue resulting from it have been settled.  Things will get done around the condo next month.  I should be able start painting by March 2016.  While my painting has been shelved, I've been writing.  But my wargaming collection has taken a weird turn.

 I got rid of the following:

1)  30mm WHGB GW High Elves.
2)  28mm Trojan and Greek Bronze Age armies.
3)  28mm ECW Royalist and Parliamentarian armies.
4)  28mm Modern Afghanistan.

I added on the following:

1)  28mm Spanish-American War, 1898.
2)  28mm Riel Rebellion 1885.
3)  28mm Mexican Adventure, 1862-1867.

I really want to get back and paint several times a week.  I miss that.

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