Friday, December 4, 2015

More downsizing...

I decided to get rid of the 28mm RAFM Canadians I'd acquired from Sapper Joe.  I don't have the room to store them.  Space is now at a premium with the impending remodeling of the condo.  Still, I have an large unpainted pile of lead.  Not as large as Sapper Joe's or Warbeads' pile.  But, it's large enough.

Assuming I start painting in March 2016 again, here is what I have facing me...

1)  30mm Warmachine Steelhead Company mercenaries faction.

2)  30mm Warmachine Rhulic Dwarf mercenaries faction.

3)  15mm SYW Reichsarmee infantry brigade.

4)  15mm SYW Saxons infantry and cavalry brigades.

5)  28mm Masai warriors.

6)  28mm Colonial German infantry.

7)  28mm Sudanese Ansar army.

8)  28mm Viet Cong, US Vietnam Marines, and ARVN infantry.

9)  28mm Spanish-American War US & Spanish armies.

10)  28mm Mexican Adventure figures.

11)  18mm SYW Prussian army.

I'll see how far I manage to paint this coming year.  It will definitely be a challenge, lmao...

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