Friday, February 5, 2016

Early February 2016 reading...

I spent this morning reading "Masters of the Arts:  A Fight Marine's Memoir of Vietnam" by Winter.  He was an aviation tech and door gunner on a CH-46 "Sea Knight" from 1966-1969.  I'm into his first tour in late 1968.  He talked about medevac missions and being helpless while other US Marines were wounded waiting to be transported to military hospitals.  It's been an interesting read.  I'm at page 162 of 242 pages in my Nook.  I find its easier to read an Ebook than deal with a hard-copy.  I'm hoping to have it finished up two weeks.  I'll write a formal review and post it on the blog when I'm done.

I'm also reading Guards.  Its' a manuscript written by a fellow writer about a schizophrenic security guard in South Boston during the 1980s.  He's just met his old psychiatrist, who wants to permanently commit him back to the hospital where he escaped.  The security firm he works for was awarded the contract for the place and he had to go and check things out.  I'm only halfway through the novel....

The last books is Alien vs. Alien by Gini Koch.  It's a satire/parody sci-fi piece.  It's pretty funny.  Light fare of usually serious subject.  The author has a whole bunch of this chick-lit Alien novels out now.  It's not something I'd normally read.  However, I thought I'd read one book a shot to see what I thought.  I should be done with this in two weeks and will then have a formal review posted online, too.

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