Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mad dash to find Vietnam, Indochina, and Korean War books...

I listened to Combat Colours (Steve Hood) the other day.  I decided to finish my Cold War book collection for now.  I bought the following:

Six Silent Men:  Book Two, Six Silent Men:  Book Three, Streets Without Joy, The Last Valley, and The Coldest Winter:  America in the Korean War.  That should round out my Cold War reading.

I also purchased the following:

Once They Moved Like the Wind and Empire of the Summer Moon.  Once They Moved Like the Wind is about the Apache Wars and Empire of the Summer Moon is about the Comache.  I want to expand my limited knowledge on the Pony Wars.  I'd thought about gaming it.  I can't find a rules set I liked and didn't want to be the one putting everything together (like I did on 15mm SYW and 28mm FPW).

I also purchased speculative fiction.  Namely Poseidon's Wake by Alastair Reynolds and Vicki Peterwald:  Survivor by Mike Shepherd.  They go on the to read pile.  Like everything else...


  1. I can vouch for Street, Valley and Winter, all excellent reads. If Hell In A Very Small Place is not already on the list, add it. And add Embers of War by Logevall.
    Please report once you have read Once They Moved, I'd like to read a bit on the Apache wars.

  2. "The Last Valley" has replaced Jules Roy's "The Battle of Diembiemphu" as my favorite Indochina War book. I'd highly recommend both.