Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Late February reading: part II and other musings

For my nonfiction, I started an ebook called Twilight of the Hellenistic World on my NOOK.  It's by Pen & Sword Publishing.  It looks interesting.  The Alexandrian Successors have been an interest of mine for a long time.  I can't justify the cost in lead and time in order to game with them.  I had 28mm Bronze age Greeks and Trojans.  I got rid of those figures during the move...

I have a retired friend I regularly game.  He isn't in good health.  I noticed he and I game a lot together.  I don't know what I'll do when he finally passes.  My friend Don has gotten me into all sorts of periods.  I'll be able to game with others on the weekend.  However, Don is someone I can get together on a regular basis and roll dice with. 

He loves 28mm Romans.  He loves 30mm WH40K.  Don loves 28mm British Colonials.  Don's vision is getting to point he can't see.  I don't know when his doctors will fix his cataracts.  Don and I talked about gaming 28mm Ancients.  No one else would bother. 

When I moved, I made a concerted effort to downsize.  So the 28mm ancients went.  Now, Don has the figures.  But he literally has no room in his house.  I have room and a place to finally game.  And books on ancient Greeks and Romans.

The 30mm Warmachine figures have been assembled and bagged.  I'll be working on 15mm SYW Reichsarmee. 

I have the following in the painting queue:

15mm SYW Saxons
18mm SYW Prussians
28mm Masai Warriors
28mm Colonial German Marines
30mm Warmachine Rhulic dwarfs
30mm Warmachine Steelhead Company mercenaries

Afterward, it's:

28mm Sudanese Mahdists
28mm Viet Cong
28mm ARVN infantry
28mm 1960s US Marines
28mm 1860s French Foreign Legion
28mm 1860s Mexican infantry

I got rid of a lot.  However, I have nothing to sell in a local used gaming auction (love the irony when I had the stuff to sell, but no room to store it).

Looking at my nonfiction reading queue, I have the following books:

History of Ancient Egypt:  Vol. II by John Romer
Finland at War:  The Winter War 1939-40
The Coldest Winter, America in the Korean War
Such Men as These
The Last Stand of Fox Company
Marine Sniper, 93 Confirmed Kills
The Tunnels of Cu Chi
Six Silent Men
Sunrise at Midnight
They Marched into Sunlight
The Battle of the River Platte
From Eden to Armageddon
Conquer or Die!
Devil of a Whipping:  The Battle of Cowpens
The Road to Guilford Courthouse
 Chief Joseph and the Indian Wars
Armies of the War of the Pacific, 1879-1883:  Chili, Bolivia, and Peru
The Defeat of Rome

That's what I remember.  It's a lot.  I'll post reviews as I get through the books.  But, it's an eclectic mix of stuff.  Outside of my 28mm Vietnam, I'm not going to be doing anything else with it....

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