Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mid-May 2016 reading and painting projects...

The only time to myself is in the morning and evening.  I'm taking of remaining parent full-time for the near future.  As far as reading projects for this week, here we go:

I read several more chapters in Stephen Baxter's Proxima.  It's an Ebook on my NOOK.  I'd like read some more tonight.  I also started Jim Butchers's Small Favor.  It's a Dresden Files book of urban fantasy set in Chicago.  It's a more interesting read than Proxima.

I also have a nonfiction Ebook on my NOOK called Last Stand of Fox Company.  I plan on reading more tomorrow afternoon.  It's on the Choshin Resivoir during the Korean War.

As far as painting, I got all my remaining 28mm figures based and primed.  That was a massive job.  It includes:

200 28mm Sudanese infantry
25 28mm Sudanese cavalry
85 28mm Masai warriors
42 28mm Colonial German infantry
90 28mm Viet Cong infantry
32 28mm ARVN infantry
4 28mm M113s
36 28mm Vietnam US Marines

I also scored a painted 30mm Warmachine Cygnar army, which also includes a Stormwall colossal.  I've done well.  Though I still continue work on my 18mm SYW Reichsarmee infantry brigade #2...


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