Sunday, June 11, 2017

Photos of my 28mm games ran at Die Con 17, Collinsville, IL, USA

Here are some photos of 28mm Great War in Africa and 28mm Masai Warriors vs. Colonial Germans in 1885 games I ran at Die Con 17, Collinsville, IL this weekend:

                                          Initial set up for the 28mm Great War in Africa.

                                          Both sides deploying their askaris.

                                          The Germans licked their wounds while the Belgians advanced.

                                          Both sides bloodied another.  Both failed army morale the same turn.

                     Masai were able to advance.  The German play could roll movement to save his life.

                                          More Masai warriors advanced on the Germans.

                                          At the end of the game, the German play blew army morale big time.

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