Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Review of Such Men as These by David Sears

Author:  David Sears.
Title:  Such Men as These:  The Story of the Navy Pilots Who Flew the Deadly Skies over Korea.
Publisher:  Da Capo Press.
Copyright:  2010.
Pages:  401.

Overview and Impressions:
This E-book took a while to read.  I should have finished it sooner.  It's about the US Naval aviators who fought during the Korean War from 1950-1953.  Day to day operations, tactics, downed pilot rescues, bombing runs, and POWs in North Korea were covered.

James Mitchener's The Bridges at Toko-Ri were based on his experience as a reporter aboard an US Navy carrier during the conflict.  His novel was an underlying theme in the book.  The use of naval reservists to fill the Navy's aircraft also weighed heavily, too.

Overall, recommended reading.

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