Sunday, October 28, 2012

40K Game, 28OCT12

I played a 40K Game using the new 6th edition rules with my friend Curtis Turner (Hostile Contact on The Miniatures Page).  We usually try to get together play at least once a month.  This time, we hadn't played since August 2012.   Curtis wanted to try out the new Chaos Space Marines codex.  Luck was not on his side.  When he rolled for special attributes for his chaos champions, Curtis got three Chaos Spawn results for his champions along with two eternal warrior results. 

However, I thought Curtis would win the game early on.  Most of his army was in reserve, I kept my terminators in their land raiders until I needed to disembark them for assaults.  My one squad of terminators I teleported on to the board held out for two turns until it was wiped out in hand to hand combat.  I attacked Curtis's command HQ squad with my assault terminators.  They engage his Chaos lord and Chaos terminator squad.  I managed to finally kill his Lord after several rounds of combat.  Curtis then engaged his raptor squad against my close combat terminators.

On my left flank, my Land Raider Crusader got blown up by squad of obliterators.  My second command HQ squad and close assault terminitors came out and attacked his Chaos defiler.  I managed to blow it up in the first round of combat.  Curtis then charged his obliterators into my close assault terminators.  I lost a couple of terminators.  But I managed to wipe out an obliterator.  Curtis also lost a Chaos dreadnought to las-cannon fire on my remaining land raider.  The game was over by turn 6.  There were still two squads of chaos marines on the board with a Chaos predator.  But I won on victory points.  It was not a good day for the Chaos gods...

Anyway, here are some photos of the Chaos Space Marines vs. Dark Angel Deathwing Terminator Company at a 1500 point battle:

                                         Squad of regular Chaos Space Marines.

                                 My squad of Deathwing Terminators teleporting onto the board.

                                         Surviving squad of Terminators about be attacked.

                                         Remaining Chaos Space Marines backed up with a Nurgle Predator.

                                          Nurgle Chaos Demon possessed Defiler.

                                         Survivors staring at each other at the end of Turn 6.

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