Saturday, October 27, 2012

Imjin War Game, 25OCT12

I played a 28mm Imjin War game on Thursday, October 25th with a friend of mine.  My samurai engaged his Korean cavalry.  But the game went downhill from there.  I got a unit of samurai cavalry to rout off the table before I could engage them in combat with some of Don Cox's Korean bow cavalry.  On my other flank, my four samurai cavalry routed another unit of Korean cavalry off the board.  I also lost a unit of samurai infantry before I blew an army morale roll into the fifth turn. 

However, the rules play well for the period.  I usually lose with my own house rules.  They don't treat me well.  I can say about other rule systems I've written, too.  Here are some photos from the game this past Thursday:

                                         Beginning of the battle.

                                          Both sides engaging in battle.

End of the battle with me losing.

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  1. Nice of you let other people win when using your rules. It encourages them to play again. : )