Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My early X-mas presents...

I broke down and bought some Osprey military history booklets this month.  I had a free Barnes and Noble gifts certificate, so it didn't cost me that much.  I made sure I'd stick to projects I'm working on or eventually get around to doing.  What I first bought was WARRIOR 153:  Bronze Age Greek Warrior c. 1650-1100 BC.  The second title I bought was CAMPAIGN 049:  Mons 1914.  There is a third Osprey I'll buy next week called MEN-AT-ARMS 277:  The Russo-Turkish War 1877

WAR 153: Bronze Age Greek Warriors c. 1650-1100 BC I bought for the color plates.  I am putting together 25mm Greek and Trojan War armies for Warhammer Ancient Battles 1.5.  I wanted some more color plates to give me an idea of what I'm painting.  There are no "uniforms" for the Heroic Age.  I know the Greeks tended to wear greens, browns, reds, and yellows.  The Trojans wore blues, greys, and whites.  Shield colors were oxhide types.  I seperating tower shields for the Greeks and Figure 8 shields for the Trojans.  Aside from that, I'm on my own for what the differnt armies wore!  That isn't too helpful.  Once I get my 28mm Franco-Prussian figures painted, I'll then move onto 25mm Trojan War next year. 

The next project after that is the 100th anniversary for the First World War.  I have armies for German East Africa.  I have nothing for Europe.  I'd like to do Western Front 1914.  I have 28mm rules written and need of playtesting.  I'd like to get 28mm French, British, and German armies from Renegade Miniatures.  It's one of those things, I'll probably get the figures next year.  But I won't get any painting done them until 2014.  That works out fine with the 100th anniversary of WWI, too.  The Osprey I bought concerned the Mons 1914 campaign that saw the British army retreat from Belgium into northern France in time for the miracle on the Marne.

I also have want to do 28mm Russo-Turkish War to complete my 19th century "horse and musket" era armies.  It's a rather strange period to game.  I have a chance to pick up an Osprey for a good price.  It's now out of print.  And gettting it would be expensive on  Lance Western mentioned he'd like doing Russo-Turkish War of 1877 sometime.  Maybe I could work with him if he wasn't so busy.  Otherwise, it's one of those basement projects I'll do when I get the time...

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