Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wargame Rules & Figures for Sale

I have the following wargaming rules and figures for sale.  These are projects I wanted to do but never got around to doing.  And I don't expect to get around doing them in the near future.  So I am selling them off:

 28mm Zombie Infantry.  Squad of 10 figures.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

Mr. Lincoln's War.  Regimental Rules for American Civil War.  Brand new.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

Price of Glory.  New.  28mm WWI Skirmish Rules by Ivan Ivan Games.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

They Died For Glory.  New.  15mm Franco-Prussian rules.  $10.00 plus shipping (which is extra).

28mm Zombie Cavalry.  $10.00 for the lot plus shipping (which is extra).

I do accept PayPal.  If you buy more than one item, I'll combine shipping together.  I'm also willing to ship internationally.  Just please email me at blakewoodwalker(at)yahoo(dot)com and let me know how you'd like your items shipped.  I'll look for the most economical way to ship items.  If you are in the St. Louis, MO metro-area, I can set up a time and place and meet with you in person so you don't have to pay shipping.


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