Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting rid of odd ball projects

I sold off my 1/2400 scale WWI naval dreadnoughts to a gentleman in Australia.  I also got rid of my 1/2400 WWI General Quarters II rules.  They were odd ball projects I hadn't done anything with in 18 months.  I wasn't going to get around to them in 2013, either.  It was best just to cut my losses and sell the figures off before I started working on them.  I look at my basement and I realize how much stuff I own.  It's rather amazing. 

I had a half-hearted attempt to get rid of my 30mm WHFB armies locally.  No one bid on them or contacted me.  I'd agreed with a friend to work on several historical projects.  One was 28mm Franco-Prussian War.  I'm still working on that.  I'll continue trudge on through with painting into the spring of 2013.  I also agreed to work on 25mm Trojan War ancients.  I have a pack of 28mm Foundry classical Trojan War heroes.  My next task is to purchase 25mm Trojan War figures from Old Glory Miniatures.  That is my X-mas present for next month.  After that, I'll finish up my 40K vehicles and Space Marine biker army and be done with painting for a while.  I don't feel motivated to work on anything else.  The 100th anniversary of WWI is coming up in August 1914.  I'd like to do something for that.  I'm wondering if my 28mm Franco-Prussian armies will be a jumping off project for something larger like 25mm 1859 Austrians, 1866 Saxons, and 1864 Danes. 

WWI could be done in 15mm.  I'd prefer 28mm.  The 28mm Franco-Prussian War is close enough to WWI, so I don't need to game both.  I'd also like to purchase 28mm Darkest Africa Masai from Wargames Foundry to complete my Darkest Africa armies, too.  There are many side projects I could undertake.  But I'm committed at this point to 28mm FPW and 25mm Trojan War ancients.  There is only so much money and time to work on things.  The more I come to terms with this, the better off I am.  One person can't game everything...   

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