Sunday, March 3, 2013

Painting 25mm European Buildings

I've been painting 25mm European buildings by Hovel Models, Ltd. this weekend.  I broke down and bought a bunch of earth toned paint for my buildings.  I just got started painting yesterday.  I'm in various stages of completion of different buildings.  I guessing I should be done painting a 25mm stone building today.  The other buildings will take longer.  Now that my painting time is reserved to weekends, I'm getting less done painting wise.  But I do need the 4 buildings and a bridge done in time for my 28mm Franco-Prussian War game I want to run in June 2013.  They form the basis of a small village.  I couldn't afford a lot of 25mm buildings.  I would have preferred prepainted 25mm European buildings.  That's OK.  I can paint buildings.  Terrain is easier to paint than figures many times. 

Building wise, there is a stone church, an inn, a store, and another shop.  They are meant for 17th to 20th century France.  I could use these figures for 25mm WWI if I wanted to.  I do have a 15mm European village, too.  That is for my 15mm SYW armies.  I'll also use that for my 15mm WWII when I eventually get around to collecting and painting FoW armies.

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