Friday, June 28, 2013

Review of Blood Angels Omnibus by James Swallow

Title:  Blood Angels Omnibus
Author:  James Swallow
Publisher:  The Black Library
Published:  2008
Price:  $15.00 US

I read the Blood Angels Omnibus by James Swallow over the past several months.  The is a WH40K Battle Book that focuses on Rafen, the main protagonist of the story.  Without giving too much away, the story involves a corrupt Inquisitor, a powerful chaos demon, and the World Bearers Chaos Marines who fight the Blood Angels. 

I didn't know the Blood Angels' archenemies were the World Bearers.  I haven't read too many of the WH40K novels.  This one was well written.  I enjoy the descriptions of the battles and fight scenes.  There was lots of action through out the novel along with the back story.  Overall, Blood Angels Omnibus was a much better read than Legion of the Damned.  Once I got into the book, I cheated by reading the end and then going back and finishing the novel.  I do that with some of the stories I read to see if its worth finishing when I'm pressed for time. 

I've never been one for the WH40K fluff.  I played the game for nearly 20 years because I liked the models and fan of Space Marines.  One of the armies I collected were Blood Angels.  Afterward, I picked up some WH40K novels to see if they were worth reading.  The first one I had, Legion of the Damned, was awful.  I didn't finish it. 

I've been told the Black Library novels are hit or miss.  A friend of mine who has read most of the WH40K novels recommended James Swallow.  I started out with Fear to Tread.  The next book I moved onto was the Blood Angels Omnibus.  The novel is about 600 pages.  I didn't read it in one setting.  Instead, I worked at it over several months.  I finally got done with it last week.  I have a fourth book called Ravenwing by Gav Thorpe to start sometime later this year.  I don't know how that will flow. 

Anyone who reads these novels should be forewarned.  They are designed for fans of the WH40K universe.  They aren't serious reading.  If you're looking for hard sci-fi, you'd better be off with Orson Scott Card or Arthur C. Clarke.  However, I was entertained enough to read and eventually finish the novel.  But I'm still not sold on the whole GW fluff...

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