Saturday, June 15, 2013

WH40K Game, 07JUN13

I played my friend, Brian Bigford, a couple games of WH40K this month.  Each time it's been my Dark Angels vs. his Space Wolves.  And I've lost both games.  Here are some photos from last week's game:

                                          Imperial Guard allies finishing off my land raiders.

                         Infamous melta-gun Rhino drive by against the remains of my Terminator HQ squad.

                       Brian wondering what God I insulted to have my luck when it comes to dice rolling.

Brian brought Space Wolves and Imperial Guard allies in both games.  Yesterday's game had Space Wolf Terminators.  It was a poor man's version of the crips and the bloods as my terminators slammed into his "Wolf Wing" squads.  To show you how bad my dice roll is, I told Brian I'd roll five "1's".  Afterward, I had five successive dice all with "1's".  That was for my close combat and to wound rolls. At least it wasn't my armor saves.  But I still failed all my invulnerable saves afterward.  I had one figure left at the end of the game.  It was a total Space Wolf victory.

As an aside, I do miserably with whatever dice I own/use.  So at least my luck is consistent.  But I've skewered probability into a black hole with my dice rolling...

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