Monday, December 1, 2014

15mm SYW Game AAR, 28NOV14

We game the day after Thanksgiving.  I ran a small 15mm SYW British/Hanoverian army.  Don Cox ran a 15mm SYW French army.  We did a generic meeting engagement using Koenigs Krieg 2nd edition rules.  Again, the dice weren't kind to me.  So I lost...

                                          15mm French infantry brigade.

                                          15mm SYW British infantry brigade.

                                          Don Cox advancing his troops.

                                          The British left flank before the cavalry collapse.
                        Remaining British infantry brigade forms square in the face of French Horse.

                              The battle of the other flanks.  French and British dragoons going at it.

                                          French Horse attacking my infantry in square.                          

By the time we got to army morale, I blew my roll and the remaining British forces withdrew from the battlefield.  So much for my dice rolling...                

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