Monday, December 8, 2014

Review of Warriors of Thlassa Mey by Dennis McCarty

Author:  Dennis McCarty.
Title:  Warriors of Thlassa Mey.
Publisher:  Del Rey Books.
Copyright: 1987 (out of print).
Pages:  337.
Price:  $3.50 (US).

Overview and impressions:
This is the second books in the Thlassa Mey series.  The heroes are scattered around the inland sea.  Slowly, they're drawn together to the Temple of the lost Polonians.  The mad wizard Alyubol has plans for them there involving the desecration of an ancient king at Sparth's Head Castle.

The novel builds up to that ending.  More background is given about the various places of the Thlassa Mey.  The reader learns more about Palamon, the disgraced knight of Pallas who has been given the quest of stopping Alyubol.  Still, an enjoyable read.  Recommended.

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