Saturday, December 6, 2014

Painting Challenge 2015....

Things have slowed down for me considerably as far as painting is concerned.  I wanted to start painting for others locally starting in September 2014.  But my family situation went from worse to insane with my father's stroke and stomach cancer.  I'm losing track of the weeks.  It hasn't allowed much time for hobbies.  But I need my downtime so I don't go crazy from my family.

So I've taken time time during the week to paint at night.  Here is what I've accomplished painting for 2014:

30mm Menoth Protectorate Army
30mm WH40K Stormraven Gunship
30mm WHFB High Elf cavalry
28mm FPW 1870 Prussians
28mm FPW 1870 Imperial French
28mm FPW 1870 Bavarians

I have two 28mm 1870 Bavarian infantry battalions to finish painting, one 28mm 1870 French Turco infantry regiment, and 28mm 1870 French artillery battery.

I put finishing all the 28mm 1870 FPW armies at the end of February 2015.  With the completion of that project, I'll move onto my second project for 2015.  Namely, finishing my 30mm Menoth Protectorate army.
That is to be followed by a second Warmachine army, the Steelhead Company mercenaries.  I also have a 30mm WH40K Baneblade tank kit to assemble and paint.

If I get anymore done next year, great.  But I'm not pushing myself because of time constraints.  Hopefully, I'll get more free time as things progress....

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