Monday, December 8, 2014

Review of Flight to Thlassa Mey by Dennis McCarty

Author:  Dennis McCarty.
Title:  Flight to Thlassa Mey.
Publisher:  Del Rey.
Copyright:  1986 (out of print).
Pages:  319.
Price:  $2.95 (US).

Overview and impressions:
This was a fantasy novel set around a young princess and a knight turned bouncer as they fled around the inland sea called the Thlassa Mey.  They were constantly being chased by Lothar the Pale's troops and the minion of the insane wizard Alyubol.

The novel takes off from there.  I read it in the 1980s when I was graduating high school and needed diversions from my daily life.  I hated high school and couldn't look forward to college.  Reading was a way I'd keep my mind occupied with other thoughts besides working at McDonalds and not having a car.

Recommended for a rousing epic fantasy fan.

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