Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mid-July 2016 reading: part II

I spent this week on my NOOK e-reader.  I read several more chapters in Proxima.  Yuri Eden and another survivor spent their time in an alien "fall-out shelter."  Some that was designed to withstand solar flares from Proxima Centauri.  The two protagonists were away from their shelter and were forced to spend time with the "builders," natives of Proxima c. 

The action then moved back to Earth with a scientist who studied a fuel source for interstellar travel being recalled back to Canada for a meeting with several bigwigs.  One being a hologram of the computer complex that ran North America.  That is where I left on on Proxima by Stephen Baxter.

This morning, I read more in The Last Stand of Fox Company by Drury.  Fox's first platoon had been overrun by the People's Liberation Army.  The company's second platoon held their ground, but lost half of their effectives.  Dawn was coming and it was still snowing on Fox Hill near the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War.  I'm been impressed by what the Marines went through.  And this is only Day 1 of the week long battle!

I'll have more blog postings as I read more chapters read in my electronic and hard copies...


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