Sunday, July 31, 2016

Painting projects for 2017 & beyond....

I can't believe it'll be August 1st tomorrow.  This year has cruised by me.  However, I didn't start painting again until February 2016.  I'm so behind on my current painting projects, I don't really know where to begin....

Proposed Painting Schedule:

1)  70 man 30mm GW High Elf Army.  I know.  I sold my old GW High Elves off.  I got talked into doing 28mm Fantasy again.  I bought a bunch of new 30mm GW High Elves.

2)  90 figure 28mm Eureka Miniatures Amazon Army.  Another 28mm fantasy army to fight my 30mm GW High Elves using the OOP Warlord Rules.

3)  90 man 28mm Viet Cong infantry company.  Part of a too huge 28mm Vietnam game using Ambush Valley.  I should be running three squads aside instead of whole platoons.  Ugh.

4)  36 man 28mm Vietnam US Marines infantry platoon.  US troops for said 28mm Ambush Valley game.

5)  32 man 28mm ARVN Ranger mechanized platoon.  Thought I'd do something different.  ARVN Rangers looked interesting.  I also have the 28mm M113s to go with the four squads.  Part of 28mm Ambush Valley.

6)  30mm Warmachine Rhulic Dwarf Army.  The figures are already primed and based.  Just need to paint and dry brush them.  Should take a month to do.  The other 30mm Warmachine army took several weeks.

1)  230 man 28mm Mahdist Ansar Army.  This finishes my 28mm British Colonials for Africa.  It's a Sudanese army that could be used for 1880s to late 1890s.  This will probably take an entire year to paint.  I have no plan for the Indian subcontinent.  I leave that to adventurous others.

1)  18mm SYW Swedish Army.  Swedes to fight my 18mm SYW Prussians.  However, the Swedish Army was horrible during this time period.  The Prussians faced them off with third line troops.

2)  18mm SYW Prussians.  They finish all my 15mm SYW collections.  I have no plans to collect 15mm SYW Russians.

1)  40 figure 28mm 1863 French Foreign Legion company.  This is part of my future Camerone 1863 game.  Some of the figures are already painted.

2)  120 figure 28mm Mexican Republican army.  The comedic relief for the Camerone 1863 scenario.

3)  6mm 1980s Angolia.  Good news is I have all the micro-armor painted for this game.  Bad news.  It needs to be based.  I want to use Fist Full of TOWs, III for rules.

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