Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mid-July 2016 reading: part III

I spent the weekend reading.  Here's what I covered:

1)  The Lost Fleet:  Beyond the Frontier:  Guardian by Jack Campbell.  Determined to make a dent in it, I read another fifty pages.  I was sucked in following Alliance Admiral "Black-Jack" Geary as he led his flotilla from Midway to Alliance space through a "hyperlink" system.  Even though the Syndics have been defeated, they still want to wreck Geary's plans to get home.  I'm only a third of the way through Guardian.  It's getting interesting...

2)  Analog Magazine July/August 2016 Issue:  Some of the stories are good.  Some aren't.  The nonfiction articles have been interesting concerning the art of writing.  Outside of a steampunk novella, I'm about done writing original material.  Most of my time has been spent editing.  I'm at a point I want to stop editing and just write.  I'm afraid that might not be until the end of summer.

But the Niven short story was disappointing.  I thought the trick ending was rather shallow for someone like him...


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