Sunday, August 7, 2016

Review of Working God's Mischief by Glenn Cook

Author:  Glenn Cook.
Title:  Making God's Mischief.
Publisher:  TOR Fantasy.
Copyright:  2014.
Pages:  598.
Price:  $8.99 (US).

Overview and Impressions:
It took a while for Making God's Mischief to warm up to me.  Piper Heckt is the main hero, a Germanic landkneckt who can kill gods with special black powder weapons.

In love with the Grail Empress, Heckt leads the Army of Righteousness on crusade against the Premans for control of the Holy Land.  He uses his own family and the Shining Ones, minor gods from forgotten religions, to act as his general staff.

There are also the forces of the Night who lie in waiting to pounce on Heckt's latest enterprise.  And the usual medieval fantasy politics that mirror real world history.  Towards the end, Making God's Mischief was fun to read.  I laughed a lot.  The author has a way with words.  I wish I could as creative.


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