Tuesday, July 10, 2012

40K Chaos Space Marines, WIP

Here are some works in progress for WH40K Chaos Space Marines.  I took a break from all the 28mm FPW French Foreign Legion infantry brigade and switched back to several small 40K CSM squads.  The first Chaos Space Marine squad is a 5 man Chaos Raptor close assault squad.  I painted them purple, black, and gold trim so they would be Slaneesh looking.

                                         40K Slaneesh Raptor Close Assault Marines.

The next squad is partially my work and partially the work of another person.  I had to finish up a Thousand Son Chaos Terminator Lord and his command squad.  Most of the terminators were already done.  Two weren't.  One was base coated blue and the other was primed black.  I finished up the terminators in a Thousand Son's motif.  I turned a Thousand Son HQ character into another regular terminator for the sake of completing the command squad.

                                          40K Thousand Sons Terminator Command Squad.

                                          40K Thousand Son Terminator Lord.

                                          40K Thousand Son Terminator with power weapon.

That completes the current WIP 40K Chaos Space Marines.  I'm switching back over to 28mm French Foreign Legion infantry this week and I'll try to make a dent in that particular painting project.  Though I would have like to have worked on 1/2400 WWI Naval Dreadnoughts.  That project will have to wait for another month...

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