Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime Projects

I'm now into a painting groove.  I've been working on 28mm French Foreign Legion infantry.  It's been much easier to paint these figures than work on 15mm minis.  I gave up on my 15mm Vietnam project and got rid of the figures.  I still have other projects in need of completion.  This 28mm Franco-Prussian project is a labor of love.  I don't mind working on it.  I'm willing to shelve my other 40K and WWI naval dreadnoughts for it.

40K should be my main priority right now.  I've been working on 40K throughout 2011-2012.  And I've been buying 40K armies.  With 6th edition being released, I'm unsure whether to try it out or stick with 5th edition.  I'll play a couple games of 6th edition WH40K before I make up my mind.  I have enough other games not to worry about 40K.  If I have to shelve my armies for a while, so be it.  I play 40K because that is what my friends play.  I have other friends who also play historical games.  My friends who do play 40K aren't thrilled by the new rules, either. 

But I digress.  There are other things I could be doing.  I could be assembling 40K vehicles.  I could be assembling 1/100 scale paper Japanese castle.  I could be working on a 25mm Korean Turtle ship.  Now that I've into painting 28mm FPW forces, there's no turning back...

One of the things I did start collecting earlier this year was 25mm Trojan War from Wargames Foundry.  A friend of mine named Don Cox and I agreed to put together Trojan and Greek forces for a game using Warhammer Ancient Battles.  I'm consoling myself to buying my Greek and Trojan forces in November 2012 from Old Glory Miniatures as an X-mas present to myself.  I already have a pack of Classical Heros from Foundry.  I just need the infantry, skirmishers, and chariots.  And Old Glory is the cheapest way to buy them.  That is my next project for 2014!

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