Friday, July 20, 2012

The Maximilian Adventure

I own a copy of The Sword in Mexico.  It's a The Sword & The Flame variant for the Maximilian Adventure.  That was the Second French Empire's attempt to create an empire in Central America while America was torn by Civil War.  It's also where Cinco de Mayo came from.  That is the commemoration of the Mexican victory over the French in May 5, 1862.  After a protracted gurilla war, the French left Mexico in 1867 under pressure from the Union army.

Anyway, the Mexican Adventure was never popular in France.  Though several French generals earned their marshal's baton there.  The Armee d'Afrique and regular French line served in Mexico.  The French Foreign Legion also celebrated Camerone each year in April.  That is where 42 FFL infantry held off 1000 Mexicans for several hours until they ran out of ammo and then fixed bayonets.  The Legion parades a wooden hand of a dead Captain as the object of religous affection.  Something all Legioniares should aspire...

But I digress about Camerone.  I know little about the Maximilian Adventure itself.  The Sword in Mexico just consists of play charts.  There is no force organization.  I have no idea how many French infantry units should face off against how many Mexican regulars and irregular militia.  Wargames Foundry is the only figure manufacturer I know with figures for the conflict.  If I could use my 28mm FPW French troops, I'd still have to buy twice as many Mexicans if I wanted to game this conflict. 

I'd like to use my 28mm 1870 French troops for other games.  I hedge my bets on 28mm Maximilian Adventure.  It would a lot of Mexicans to paint.  And I have too many other projects staring me in the face.  Though I would like to know what force organization to use for a Mexican army. 

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