Thursday, July 5, 2012

Done with Basecoating FFL Infantry Brigade

The Fourth of July was a dud here due to the fire burn warnings.  Few people blew up fireworks and all the local fire works displays were canceled.  So I spent the evening painting.  I finished up the basecoats on my 28mm French Foreign Legion infantry brigade.  I just now need to go back and work on individual details for each infantry battalion. 

I see Wargames Foundry brought back their entire FPW range for sale.  There are things I definitely want to buy next month from Foundry.  My goal is to get an infantry brigade purchased each month.  July is 28mm 1870 Prussians from Eureka Miniatures.  August is 1870 Bavarians.  And September 2012 is 28mm L'Armee d'Afrique from Askari Miniatures.  October will focus on 25mm Europe terrain from Hovels.  This is an expensive project.  And I've been putting it off for five years. 

Originally, there were three people working on this project.  There would be one French player, one Prussian player, and I'd help build up 28mm French, Prussians, and Bavarians.  The other French player has stopped responding to my emails.  I don't know when I'll meet him again.  Don Cox can't paint right now.  So I am left holding the bag.  Whatever 28mm French and Prussians I get done is what we'll get to play with.  I should be discouraged.  I'm not. 

If I can get an 28mm infantry brigade done in six weeks, then I get a French and Prussian infantry brigade done in five months.  I should be able to play a basic Chassepot & Needlegun game in November or December 2012.  The other two infantry brigades will take me into 2013.  That is about a year's worth of painting.  It took me 14 months to paint an entire 15mm 1870 French infantry division and a 15mm 1870 German infantry corps the last time I did a FPW project.  Fortunately, this isn't 15mm figures.  But it would be half the expense if I'd it in 15mm scale.

This 28mm FPW project will not allow me to work on other projects like 28mm Trojan War or 28mm Balkan Wars.  Those are intersting side projects I'd written rules for.  But I haven't bought figures for.  Except for some Trojan War heroes.  Those are projects for another time until I get this massive undertaking done...

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