Friday, March 8, 2013

Warlord by Max Carr

I played Warlord by Max Carr with a friend of mine yesterday evening.  It's an out of print system that uses D6's for combat and missile fire resolution.  It can be used for ancients, medievals, and fantasy games.  You stat up your army using a point system and then start hammering your opponent.  It's very beer and pretzels. 

With my Games Workshop sabbatical, I stopped playing WHFB for 2013.  I still have two fantasy armies.  I enjoy playing Warlord with my friend, Don Cox.  I pushed High Elves against Don's fantasy men-at-arms.  We both lost our heavy units.  It came down to an archery duel.  I won because I had more archers on the board.  I am wanting to play another Warlord game.  Don and I only played one game last spring.  The nice thing about Warlord is I can field any time of medieval or fantasy army I'd like in order to play the game.  The drawback is Warlord is now out of print.

One thing that is drawing me back to Warlord is the whole GW codex redesigning of WHFB.  I put together fantasy armies when 8th edition WHFB came out.  I don't like the magic aspect.  And I don't like the new codexes.  I can field my GW High Elves as a Warlord army and not worry about the problems I associate with WHFB.  I'm also motivated to put together a 28mm Viking army for Warlord, too.  That is the beauty of the game.  You can design whatever miniature army you want to field.  If you want army of all heroes and monsters, you can do that.  You want lots of light troops, you can have those, too.  You're not locked into a particular codex or army list.  I've modified Warlord with some black powder rules, so you can have muskets, hand gunners, and cannons. 

But the drawback is that few people have the rules to Warlord.  Hence, I can rather limited who I can game with.

Some photos:


  1. For those interested in Warlord, Max Carr has updated them slightly and renamed them Barony Wars (still much the same). They are available as a PDF for US$6 from Barony Miniatures:

    Free fantasy extension (from the original Warlord) also available at the same site.

    They look fun so thanks for putting me onto them.

  2. Wow I would love to get a copy of Baron Wars and that fantasy expansion you mentioned. Still use Warlord when we get out the Lord of the Rings miniatures. Website appears to be down though :/