Friday, March 29, 2013

WH40K Game, 29MAR13, AAR

I played a 2000 point game of WH40K with my friend Scott McCoy this afternoon.  I ran Blood Angels and he had a Chaos Space Marine Army with Typhus and some Nurgle Plague Marines.  After I set up, Scott opened fire on my devastator Space Marine heavy weapons squad.  I moved up my assault marines.  Scott was again able to use his Vindicator heavy tank gun against my squad of Death Company.  I lost the squad after 2 rounds of shooting.  I got one assault squad into combat with generic chaos marines.  Commander Dante lost his Sanguinary Guard before closing with a squad of Nurgle Plague Marines.  The fourth close assault squad got shot up trying to close a heavy weapons squad of Chaos Marines.  I lost the other close assault squad of marines to shooting.  My remaining Sanguinary priest lasted a couple of rounds of combat before he and Commander Dante fell to power weapons.  I lost all my Blood Angels by turn 5.

Here are some photos from the game this afternoon:

                                          Scott McCoy deploys his armored units.

                                          I bring out one of my assault marine squads and  sanguinary guard.

                                          Central view of the battlefield midway through the game.

                                          Dante and close assault marines making their last stand.

                                          Scott's Chaos army victorious.

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  1. Nice little battle report. Good looking terrain and figures. Keep it up.