Saturday, March 22, 2014

28mm Modern Afghanistan AAR, 22MAR14

I ran a 28mm Modern Afghanistan game using Ambush Alley at Wargamers Cave on Saturday, March 22, 2014.  Steve Hood (Combat Colours) and Curtis Turner (Hostile Contact) ran the American and Taliban forces respectively.  The Afghanis were shelling an off board position with a portable rocket launcher.  A squad of US Marines and a Humvee had been sent into to neutralize the Taliban artillery.

The American player had off board air support to call in Hellfire missile strikes.  Once Combat Colours realized this, he rolled like mad to make radio contact with the circling Apache helicopter.  Steve then got lucky with his fire support rolls as Hellfire missiles rained down on the insurgent buildings.  This left cratered remains of buildings.

But I had Hostile Contact roll a 1D6.  He rolled a three.  Curtis managed to shell his off board target for three turns before retreating and claiming victory against the infidels.  However, Curtis lost an entire platoon of insurgents to Hellfire missile strikes!

Blame it on me.  I didn't balance the scenario well enough with limitations on rules of engagement for the Americans or limits on the availability of air assets.  I wanted something similar to real life.  I got it.  The US Marine held off and let their air support tear up the table.  Good simulation, but bad game.  However, I'm learning from my mistakes.  But Combat Colours was the man.  He rolled like God with my cursed dice.  I guess it could have been worse.  I could have rolled for both of them.  That wouldn't have been good, either (given my track record)....

Here are photos from the game:

                                          Taliban artillery position.

                                          Building where the Taliban advanced and then died in the trees.

                                          Combat Colors deciding where to call in air strikes.

                                          Taliban still shelling the ISF off board positions.

                                          Surveying the carnage and ruined buildings at the end of the game.

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