Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Can you roll 7 '1's' on 10D6?" - A WH40K AAR

I'm done with WH40K for a while.  I played a 1500 point game with my friend, Brian Bigford, last night.  He had Ultra-Marines.  I had Dark Angels Deathwing.  Brian brought out the the new $80.00 space marine versions of CSM obliterators.  They obliterated a squad of Deathwing terminators.  Brian needed 2 or better to wound. He caused 10 AP 2 wounds.  I needed 10 saves of 5-6 on 10D6 for my invul saves. I rolled 7 "1's".

Can anyone else on the planet do that on a consistent basis?  I challenge anyone.  Sapper Joe, Hostile Contact, and Combat Colours have seen my dice rolling in person.  It's not pretty.  I've managed to roll 5 ones on 7D6 before.  But this is a new record in infamy.  Needless to say, I lost.  I'd taken pictures of the game up to that point.  Afterwards, I gave up....

What's the point me playing WH40K if I'm going to roll consistently awful?

Good question.  Why do I keep putting myself through such misery?

I'm at a loss...

The End.  For now....


  1. At first I thought the 5 ones on 7 dice was actually harder to roll. But it turns out 7 ones on 10 dice is about eight times less likely.

    Yeah. You're screwed. Perhaps you should check out Ganesha Games line of rules. IIRC low numbers are good in most of their (his) rules.

  2. Hi, I feel your pain. My all time record was during a game of "The Trojan War"; 14 ones on D6 in a row. TTW uses a CRT where a one means attacker eliminated, so about 1/3 of my army disappeared that combat phase. And yes, although every once and awhile I roll well, it seems craptastic luck is my stock-in-trade. I've had gamers with 30 years experience say they have never seen dice luck as lousy as mine. I much prefer games where luck is not such a factor. Oh well. C'ya, Charles