Sunday, March 30, 2014

28mm Warlord Game, 28MAR14: AAR or Battle of the Geezers

Here are photos from a 28mm Warlord game on Friday, March 28, 2014 at Game Nite in St. Louis, Missouri.  There were only three players.  Both my friends showed up late.  They didn't start for over an hour.  They called it before it got dark.  I wanted to call this "Battle of the Geezers," however, both players are old enough to qualify as senior citizens, now.  But that doesn't bode well for me (the mere lad of the group).

                                          Kevin Joyce's Dwarfs take the field.

                                          Don Cox finishes putting out his unfinished GW Empire army.

                                          Opening moves.  Kevin brings out his dwarf battle line.

                                          Don's armored knights are slowly whittled away by the Dwarfs.

Kevin's Dwarfs disengage from Don's archers.  However, his halberdiermen are slammed by more dwarfs.

The dwarfs finally won.  Don called it as he lost.  It would have taken a few more turns to declare a real winner.  However, I get to play both Don and Kevin our next 28mm Fantasy game sometime this month or next.

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