Monday, March 16, 2015

Retro book shopping...

I stopped in at V Stock today to look for books.  I found a science fiction novel called Cold Victory by Poul Anderson.  It's a collection of his short stories from Astounding Tales and other pulp magazines during the golden age of sci-fi.

My brother didn't forget my birthday either.  He got me a WH40K Horus Heresy novel called The Unremembered Empire.  That brings the backlog of science fiction and fantasy books about a half dozen novels.  I also have Unbreakable:  A Promise Paen Novel by Bauer and another WH40K battle novel called Master of Sanctity by Gav Thorpe.  In addition to that, there's also Kill Team by the same author and The Lost Fleet:  Beyond the Frontier:  Dreadnought by Jack Campbell.  I also have a fantasy novel called Half a King by Abracrombie.

I'm working my last hardback Vietnam book.  It's called The Element of Surprise:  Navy SEALs in Vietnam by Darryl Young.  The action takes place on the Mekong delta during 1970.  I'll hopefully will read this book in the coming week and write a review on the blog afterward.

I'm hoping the sci-fi will read quickly.  There's a lot to tear through.  I let you know how the reading progresses this spring.

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