Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP, Vikings and GW Baneblade kit

I'm working on 28mm Vikings right now in my painting queue.  I'll have some photos tomorrow.

I'll have a progress report on a 30mm WH40K Baneblade kit.  I'm building the Hellhammer Baneblade variety.  It was one of GW's newer kits.  It cost me about $149.96 last May.  I had $140.00 in credit for a local store action.  I paid ten dollars for the kit.

Now I'm finally building it.  It's been a pain to assemble.  It's not a well-designed kit.  Things don't fit well together, unlike their other models.  After the Hellhamer Baneblade kit, I'll have a fourth SM Land Raider for my DA Deathwing army.  That will be much easier to assemble than the Baneblade.  Though you get all the variants for the Baneblade and Shadowsword vehicles with the new kit.

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