Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Late April 2016 reading....

I'm trying to get back on track for my reading projects.  I started a new E-book called Proxima by Stephen Baxter.  I thought I'd give his works another try.  This novel supposedly won the British Science-Fiction award.  It's about paroled criminals being set to Proxima Centauri to colonize a planet there.  I just started the book.  It looks better than the one I finished, Titan.

I also read short stories in Analog Magazine.  I think I could have written some of these.  The first one about alien archaeologists on Earth millions of years in the future was appealing.  Nothing else stuck out.  The science articles were even blase.  So much for April 2016 issue...

I'm also trying to finish up Mekong First Light.  I'm behind on my nonfiction reading.  It'll take me two weeks to complete it.  That's another E-book.

I also have my local writers' novel critique group.  This month is the final installment of a Young Adult gargoyle novel set in New Brunswick, Canada.  I got the PDF yesterday.

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