Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review of Titan by Stephen Baxter

Author:  Stephen Baxter.
Title:  Titan.
Publisher:  Harper Collins.
Copyright:  1998.
Pages:  437.
Price:  $23.00.

Overview and Impressions:
Stephen Baxter is a great writer when it comes to technical details.  His story lines are over the top.  The part about a human expedition to Titan was interesting.  A war between US and China over Taiwan was believable.  China dropping an asteroid on the United States and killing off the human race was ridiculous, given the amount of time I'd invested in reading his novel.

Alien life on Titan resurrecting the main characters after they died due to their nuclear reactors malfunctioning was another over the top exploit.  The feel good ending with aliens seeding microbes on distant worlds was okay.  If Baxter had entertained other plot lines, I would have been much happier with his story.

Recommended for the technical details concerning space flight, if anything else.

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