Sunday, April 10, 2016

Painting on hold: part II

The saga of my painting tables continues.  The two brother contractors stopped work about a week ago on the basement.  Everything is junked up.  There are painted door frames on my painting table.  My books shelves are in disarray.  I haven't been able to paint since late March 2016...

The only thing I can do are watch television, read, and edit writing.  I'm bored with television and don't feel like reading.  I edited a novella early this morning.  I also primed a bunch of 30mm Warmachine figures.  Those figures wait to be painted on my gaming table.  But I can't get to my paints.  In the words of my late friend, I'm one sad panda. 

There is hope.  The contractors are supposed to come back Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and finish the basement.  Two doors need to be installed along with new baseboard.  I wish I was handier.  Alas, I'm not.  The two guys doing the work are.  However, their doing it part time.  As their real jobs come first. 

So the basement sit unfinished.  And I mope because I can't paint...


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