Sunday, January 19, 2014

28mm ECW AAR - 18JAN14

I ran a 28mm English Civil War game at Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL on Saturday, January 18th.  My players were Glenn Wilson (Warbeads), Steve Hood (Combat Colours), Kevin Joyce, and Don Cox.  Glenn and Steve were the Royalists.  Don and Kevin were the Parliamentarians.  I didn't bother to let them have cuirassier or cannons this game.  It was infantry and cavalry.  We used Warhammer ECW for rules.

The jokers had fun at my expense.  I was told I didn't want to do "serious" gaming like certain people in St. Louis who still play Empire.  The jokes went downhill from there.  However, the battle see-sawed until the Parliamentarians lost both their horse regiments and an infantry regiment by the end of turn 5.  The game was then conceded.

Here are some photos of the Royalists and their "commoner" opponents:

                                         Beginning of the battle.

                                          Parliamentarian and Royalist cavalry in melee.

                                          Parliamentarian infantry try and reform in the face of the Royalist advance.

                                          Near the end of turn 4.

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  1. Glad I got to see some of the royalist/roundhead action!!!