Friday, January 24, 2014

How would the Death of GW affect your gaming?

I'm just curious.  How would the death of GW affect your gaming?  Do you have lots of many sunk into GW figures and armies like I do?  Do you use them for other gaming systems?

I'm curious to learn what other people do with their figures.  I'm using GW High Elves for a generic fantasy game this afternoon at a local gaming shop.



  1. In the long term fewer opponents as it gets kids used to the concept of wargaming and some come back to it in later life

  2. Hi, I gave up on GW about 5 years ago, although I still own all my armies. Perhaps someday I will play those systems again. I agree with Dave that GW is a "gateway" for new gamers, so in the long term it will probably reduce the number of players. I was hooked at a local historical miniatures convention.