Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of Panzer Leader by Heinz Guderian

Author:  Heinz Guderian.
Title:  Panzer Leader.
Publisher:  Da Capo Press.
Pages:  523.
Copyright:  1996, 2002.
Price:  $18.50.

This is a memoir by General Heinz Guderian.  He talks about the opening campaigns of the Second World War and his time as Chief of the General Staff under Adolf Hitler.  Guderian was known for his development of armored warfare and its use in spearheading offensives.   His victory in the Ardennes sealed the fate of the French army in June 1940.  Guderian also presided over the collapse of the German war effort on the Eastern Front in 1945.

The author is candid in what kept Germany from winning WWII and what went wrong.  I get a sense Guderian didn't really care about Hitler's tirades after he was called back to service as Chief of Staff in 1945.  By then, the war was lost.  It was just a matter how large an Allied victory would be.

Recommend reading for any serious or casual student of WWII.

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