Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review of The African Knights by Conrad Cairns

Author:  Conrad Cairns.
Title:  The African Knights - The Armies of Sokotu, Bornu, and Bagirmi in the Nineteenth Century.
Publisher:  Foundry Books.
Pages:  62.
Copyright:  2006.

I bought this booklet for $15.00 when Foundry got rid of its books.  I wanted to learn more about the Muslim warriors of sub-Saharan Africa.  I thought I could come up with a The Sword and The Flame variant for it.  Alas, no one really makes figures or African knights in 28mm.  It's one of those weird colonial side shows that interests me for a while.  Then common sense reigns in...

Aside from that, I enjoyed the booklet.  It gave me information on armies I didn't know existed.  These armies were centered on the open plains and savannas of Nigeria.  But they were mopped up by British regulars and their askari troops when Nigeria was finally conquered in 1900.  

Unfortunately, I don't think The African Knights are currently available from Foundry.  I could be wrong.  


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