Sunday, June 10, 2012

15mm SYW - Battle of Minden

Here are some photos of a 15mm SYW Battle of Minden game I ran back in April 2012 at Game Nite for the Big Muddy HGA Games Day. 


                                          15mm SYW French Infantry Brigade

                                          15mm SYW Hanoverian Horse Brigade

                                          15mm French and British Dragoon meleeing

I'm currently working on finishing a 15mm SYW Austrian army for a local convention.  I'm burnt out painting 15mm figures.  It feels like too much work.  Painting is supposed to be a stress reliever.  These 15mm SYW Austrians have been otherwise. 

To show you the bizarre luck I have, I finished spraying an entire division of 15mm SYW Austrian infantry.  I let the figures dry overnight on the deck at the house where I live in Oakville, MO.  I came back the next evening and a command stand of 15mm Austrian infantry was missing.  The outline of where I sprayed it was still staining the cardboard box that held the figures.  But the bloody infantry command stand was gone!  I guess a bird or some critter decided to add some shiny toy soldiers to their nest. 

That is par for the course as far as my luck goes.  I'd been meaning to add more to the blog, but my push to get the last of my 18mm Eureka SYW Austrian artillery done got to me over the last several days.  I finished a bunch of artillery stands tonight.  And I'm halfway through all the light and heavy 15mm SYW Austrian field pieces.  I had a hard time finding the right color of Wolfsbraun for the SYW Austrian artillery uniforms.  But I settled on Vajello Yellow Orcher for the gun carriage colors.  I'm also using GW Chaos Black and Dwarf Bronze for the rest of the colors.  I'll see how things turn out later this week when I finally seal everything. 

But next problem presenting me is the fact I won't be able to playtest my latest 15mm SYW army and scenario in time for a local gaming convention called Die Con 12.  I'll just have to show up at the event and wing it...

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