Friday, June 8, 2012

Imjin War Game from April 2012

Here are photos from a 28mm Imjin War Game using my Sengoku house rules between samurai and the Royal Korean Army:

                                          Red Devils preparing to engage on the left flank.

                                          Don Cox as Korean commander.

                                          Japanese right flank, Imjin War battle.

                                          Samurai and Koreans closing.

                                          Samurai Katana facing Korean swords.

                                          Red Devils Samurai with katanas.

                                          Japanese Warrior Monks facing Korean musket                                  

                                          Japanese Sohei - Buddhist Warrior Monks.

I ran a 28mm Japanese samurai game against Don Cox's Koreans.  And I got hammered by musket fire.  In fact, Korean firepower and missile weapons made the difference in this game.  My troops got whittled down so much, they had no sustaining power when they got into melee with the Koreans.  So I chalked it up to another Korean victory as I continue tinkering with these house rules.

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  1. Thanks for this,
    what company did you get these warrior monks from? I like them.