Sunday, June 24, 2012

Die Con 12 AAR's

Here are some photos of the games I ran at Die Con 12 in Collinsville, IL this past weekend, June 22-23, 2012.  The first photos are from a WH40K 5th edition scenario that never got off the ground, "Cleansing of Thaler 145":

                                          Deathwing Land Raiders

                                         Traitor Guard Entrenchments

                                         Full Traitor Guard Gunline

The next game was a "Meeting Engagement of Former Allies" with a 15mm SYW Austrian army taking on British, Hanoverians, and Hessian forces.  Don Cox played the 15mm SYW Austrians and I pushed the Allies.  I lost both my cavalry units.  But I formed square with my remaining infantry brigades to keep his cavalry at bay.  But Don wasn't agressive enough with his artillery and he finally got in range by Turn 12 to wipe a battery or two of my artillery.  I rolled a "6" and lost army morale.  So I withdrew from the field and the Austrian army won the day.

                                         15mm Austrian Army

                                         Austrian and Hungarian Infantry Brigades

                                         15mm SYW Austrian Cuirassier Brigade

The afternoon results of the 28mm ECW game were a draw.  The Royalists did more casualties to the Parliamentarian forces.  But Parliament routed more of the Royalist regiments off the board.  As with most ECW games, this centered on morale or poor morale rolls.  By end of Turn 6, we called it a draw.  Just like the first battle of Edgehill.  But this is my second time using the Warhammer ECW rules, though.

                                          Royalist and Parliamentarian Battle Lines

                                         28mm ECW Queen's Regiment

Adam Jones also ran three or four different games this weekend.  One was a Luftwaffe 1946 game.  I know the game involved US bombers and secret Nazi planes.  That is about it.  But I did get some photos.

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