Friday, June 8, 2012

28mm Ancients

I have a list of future projects I'd like to focus on.  One of them is 25mm Trojan War.  I'd use the WAB Chariot Wars booklet along with Warhammer Ancient Battles to craft 1500 point armies for both Trojan and Greek armies.  Don Cox has agreed to paint up Trojans armies and scratch build Greek ships.  The most economical army deal would be Old Glory Miniatures.  I went in on an Old Glory Army membership.  You get a 40% discount on any figure you order with the Old Glory Army membership. 

I used to have 30mm Trojans and Greeks from Redoubt Enterprises.  I also had a Trojan city wall, gate, and buildings.  I sold all that off when I moved to Hays, KS.  I should have kept my stuff.  But I had no one to game with.  And I decided to get rid of my ancients and colonial figures.  Those are two decisions I regret.  I also had a 25mm New Kingdom Egyptian army from Wargames Foundry, too. 

That got sold, too.  But that was about ten years ago.  I have a bad habit of selling off things and then getting back into them.  I've done that with WH40K, 28mm samurai, 28mm British Colonials, and 28mm ancients.  I do have some the Foundry Classical Greek heros to go with Trojan War armies. 

But that is about six months worth of painting.  I'd do both sides of the conflict, again.  That way I can run another demo game at a local convention or gaming store.  That is the logic that has gone into my samurai, 15mm SYW, and Warhammer Fantasy Battles armies.  It takes longer to put together forces and it is twice as expensive as just buying one army.  Then again, I can run a game by myself and not have to worry about getting hold of other people to bring their armies. 

I'd also like to put together Macedonian and Greek Successor armies for Hail Caesar!  It is a period of history that interests me.  But then again it might wind up being one of those things I might game three times a year.  I don't know what is to be gained by that.  I've already started on the 25mm Trojan War project.  The Macedonians and Seleucid Greeks are still in the planning stages.  I could go with Warlord Games and use their figures for those armies.  Steve Hood wants to play Hail Caesar! later on.  If I kept the Old Glory Army membership active, I could use their figures for Macedonians and Seleucid Greeks, too.  Warlord Games will have more releases for the Macedonian and eventual Greek Successor ranges.  They just have Romans and Classical Greek armies right now. 

Ancients is one of those period gamers are either interested in or not.  I do like 28mm ancients.  It's finding the time and resource to dedicate to paint said armies that matter.       

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