Thursday, June 14, 2012

28mm Franco-Prussian War

Five years ago, I started a project with a group of friends to do several different projects with them. 

One of them was 15mm Seven Years War.  That project is about done.  The second project is now underway.  That is 28mm Franco-Prussian War.  I'm using Chassepot and Needlegun as the rule system for it.  I'm also building up 2 brigades of French infantry, 1 brigade of Bavarian infantry, and 1 brigade of Prussian infantry for a full scale game.  I figure the time it will take paint all these figures is probably one year.  It took about 14 months to paint up a 15mm French infantry division and 1 corps of German troops when I gamed this period in 15mm using They Died for Glory.  I'm looking at starting a French Colonial infantry brigade using 28mm French Foreign Legion troops.  I also have a regiment of French Cuirassier and Prussian cuirassier to paint up, too.  I also have buildings to buy and more French and German troops to purchase in the coming months. 

I had a choice between the FPW and WWI.  I would have preferred Western Front 1914.  The Franco-Prussian War is close enough to August 1914.  And these troops are in 28mm.  The larger size means less figures can fit on a table.  The most I'd get on a wargaming table is a division of infantry and some cavalry.  I'm not looking to do anything larger.  The problem with the FPW is that the majority of the fighting last only a month.  And it ended in a lopsided victory for the Germans.  That was due to horrible French leadership and outdated logistics.  The French troops were excellent.  They were just horribly led by fossilized deadwood.  I'm planning on doing the early Imperial phase of the War (when the the Frcnch still had a chance of winning).  I just want to do generic 28mm FPW engagement for a small town or village.  At first, I thought I about getting this project ready for X-mas.  Now, I realize it won't be ready until next summer.  There are too many figures to paint.  And that is just a fact of life...

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